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Vodka Slavprodukta awarded more than 30 different awards.

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Gzelka  «Cedar»


Special vodka is a new line of famous brand "Gzhelka." The classical production technology based on high quality and unique alcohol drinking water by far the consumer determines the success of the drink. A well-written recipe, with the addition of infusion of pine nuts, gives this strict vodka fresh sound.

Vodka is manufactured under license from and under the control of "Commercial and industrial group" Crystal ", Moscow, Russia.

Rectified drinking water, rectificated ethanol “Lux”, sugar,infusion of pine nuts.

Vodka "Gzhelka" on the results of Quality Day, held in the capital March 11, 2009 under the patronage of "Belgospischeprom" BelGISS and entered the top five, confirming their quality of 37 domestic and foreign-made alcoholic beverages.

Cocktail "Black Vodka"

At the bottom of the stack to put a few fresh berries, such as blueberries or blackberries. Pour the vodka. Decorate the glass with a slice of lime.

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Cocktail "Cosmopolitan"

Mix 40 ml. vodka, 15 ml. Cointreau, 7 ml lemon juice 30 ml cranberry juice. Pour into martinitsu and garnish with a slice of lime or lemon.

Все коктели
Cocktail "Vodka smash"

Mix 50 ml. vodka, 20 ml. sugar syrup, 35 g lime and 5 g of mint. Pour into a pre-chilled glass and add ice.

Все коктели
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