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The quality management system in accordance with the STB ISO 9001-2009
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Vodka Slavprodukta awarded more than 30 different awards.

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Our company

Foreign manufacturing private unitary enterprise “Slavyansky product” specializes in the production and sale of vodka products, the whole assortment being produced by means of modern high-technology equipment and with the help of advanced manufacturing technology.
The company was founded in February, 2003. The industrial premises are located in a picturesque corner of Vitebsk region, urban district of Shumilino.
As a result of professional work of our specialists who not only use their knowledge and skills but also put their souls into the manufacturing process
the following brands entered the market in the year 2003:

  • “Sibir’”, 0,5 l;
  • “Petrovich”, 0,5 l;
  • “Slavyanskoe zoloto Lux”, 0,5 l.

In the year 2006 the range of products was enriched by the following brands:

  • “Sibir’ with cranberry flavor”, 0,5 l;
  • “Sibir’ with lemon flavor”, 0,5 l.

In the year 2006 the enterprise got the certificate, confirming that the system of production quality management complies with the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2001.
In the year 2007 the company put into production vodkas:

  • “Slavyanskoe zoloto rye with honey”, 0,5 l;
  • “Slavyanskoe zoloto on cedar nuts”, 0,5 l;
  • “Slavyanskoe zoloto Premium”, 0,5 l.

Including in souvenir designs:

  • “Slavyanskoe zoloto Lux”, 0,7 l;
  • “Sibir’”, 0,7 l;
  • “Cedar Sibir’”, 0,7 l.

On the 3d of February, 2006 we celebrated the 6th anniversary of the enterprise foundation. 
The year 2008 was a special one for our company as we won 3 gold and 1 silver medals at the International Forum of Drinks DRINKEXPO which took place in St. Petersburg in May. The line group of vodkas put into production in 2007 was highly assessed by the committee of specialists.
In the same year the enterprise put on the market a souvenir line of vodkas “Sibir’”:

  • “Sibir’”, 0,5 l;
  • “Cedar Sibir’”, 0,5 l;
  • “Sibir’ with blackcurrant flavor”, 0,5 l and 0,7 l;

And an exclusive club vodka:

  • “Metro silver” 0,5 l;

In December, 2008 our enterprise won the diploma at the contest-degustation  “GUST”. In the nomination “Vodkas and special vodkas” the best were:

  • “Slavyanskoe zoloto Premium” and “Metro silver” which made its debut.
  • In the year 2009 the company increased the number of awards, won at contest-degustations, and the quality of our products was approved by 15 medals:
  • Vodkas “Sibir’”, “Cedar Sibir’” and “Slavyanskoe zoloto on cedar nuts” were awarded with silver medals at the degustation contest within the framework of the exhibition “Prodexpo-2009”, which is held in Moscow annually. Vodkas “Slavyanskoe Zoloto” Premium, Lux and “Slavyanskoe zoloto rye with honey” won bronze medals.
  • Vodka line “Slavyanskoe zoloto” won 2 gold and 2 silver medals at the degustation contest “Yalta. Golden griffin-2009”;
  • At the VIIIth International contest-degustation of alcoholic beverages “Minsk-2009” the enterprise won 3 silver medals for the high quality of vodkas “Slavyanskoe zoloto Lux”, “Slavyanskoe zoloto rye with honey” and “Slavyanskoe zoloto Premium”;
  •  In the same year vodkas “Slavyanskoe zoloto Premium” and “Slavyanskoe zoloto on cedar nuts” won gold medals at the degustation contest “Nasha MARKA” (“Our Brand”) within the framework of the VIIIth International exhibition “Peterfood-2009”, held in St. Petersburg.

In March, 2009 the enterprise put into production a new souvenir vodka “Slavyanskoe zoloto Premium” of 0,5 nominal volume in an original bottle with a velveteen cover. 
The Day of quality also took place in March. Our company showed high results. Samples of alcoholic beverages of Belarusian and foreign manufactures were selected in stores of Minsk for a degustation contest. According to the results of this contest vodkas “Metro silver” and “Gzhelka” were in the top five.
In April we put on the market 2 souvenir designs of the vodka line “Sibir’”:

  • Special vodka “Sibir’ with cranberry flavor”, 0,7 l;
  • Special vodka “Sibir’ with lemon flavor”, 0,7 l.

In September a well-known brand “Gzhelka” was put into production in bottles of 0,7 l nominal volume.
In the year 2009 the system of quality management was recertified in accordance with STB-ISO 9001-2009.
New products-2010:

  • “Slavyanskoe zoloto Soft”, 0,5 l;
  • “Cedar Gzhelka”, 0,5 and 0,7 l;
  • “Rye Gzhelka”, 0,5 and 0,7 l.

In February, 2010 a special vodka “Slavyanskoe zoloto Soft” was awarded with a laureate diploma and a bronze medal of the International contest “The Best product-2010” at the 17th International exhibition of food, drinks and raw materials for their production “PRODEXPO-2010”.

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